Carnival of the Apocalypse - Mists of Ravenloft

1/21/17 Session Recap - MIA

OOC Note – 4 characters/players were absent for this session – Brandon if you are reading this can you please let me know if you intend to continue with the campaign?

Breeze had not been seen since before the party arrived in Vallaki. The aracokra had departed on a scouting and recon mission and has yet to return…

Secomber Jon (“Sec”) Richhome has become increasingly concerned with the welfare of “Fluffy” who has shown heightened agitation since entering Barovia and chose to take the beast on a nature-walk of sorts out in the woods surrounding Vallaki.

Da’im discovered some unusual mushrooms growing in a manure pile at the Vallaki Stockyard and mumbled something about procuring samples before returning to the Blue Water Inn.

Creed was captured by the Baron’s guards and led away into the manor house where he was locked in a closet/cell with another unfortunate prisoner.


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