Carnival of the Apocalypse - Mists of Ravenloft

1/21/17 Session Recap - Part 2

A’Nonce returned to the room where the party was staying to discover Ismark hovering over an increasingly ill-looking Ireena. The young woman’s condition was becoming more pronounced and she complained of extreme fatigue as evidenced by her sunken eyes and haunted appearance. A concerned A’Nonce had her drink some holy water to see how she reacted, and was relieved to see that while she found it bitter, there were no ill effects.

Due to Ireena’s deteriorating condition, Ismark decided to consult the priest at the local Church to the Morninglord. Returning around an hour later, Ismark informed A’Nonce that the priest had told him that they might seek a cure for Ireena at the Abbey of Saint Markovia, located in the mountains near the village of Kresk. The Abbot there was rumored to be a powerful servant of the Morninglord and a cleric of considerable ability.

Meanwhile Onika left D’aim behind at the stockyard and returned with her new found pet monkey to the inn by a circuitous route due to the presence of some town guardsmen who seemed to be looking intently for something or someone. This brought the barbarian to the town square, where she witnessed several prisoners including children languishing in stocks at the center of the square. As she Onika struggled with her conscience in regards to the prisoners, Izek Strazni and a pair of guards arrived and began posting notices advertising the coming “Festival of the Blazing Sun” (while simultaneously removing the “Wolf’s Head Festival” decor). Wanting to avoid trouble and report her findings to the rest of the party, Onika reluctantly made her way back to the Blue Water Inn with no further incident. Izek Strazni had piqued her attention however due to the fine quality battle axe strapped to his back and the deformed and twisted arm (covered in scales and spines) that he made no effort to hide. Upon informing A’Nonce of this strange site, the cleric voiced his suspicions that Izek might be a tiefling like the still-missing Creed.

Francisco Ilozaren also made his way back to the inn after parting company temporarily with Secomber and Fluffy. Strumming his lute as he strolled through the streets of Vallaki, the bard soon had a handful of local admirers shadowing his steps, including a elderly man who warned Francisco to avoid the Vistani. Unfortunately this attention also attracted a pair of town guardsmen who were apparently searching for the party. They intended to arrest the bard, but Francisco was not having it and cast a sleep spell on the two before they could apprehend him. With the guards dealt with, Francisco quickly returned to the inn.

Soon after Francisco made his way to the party’s room, Danika Martikov landed on the window sill in raven form, tapping frantically on the glass. The party let her into the room where she reverted to a raven-human hybrid form (similar to that of an arakocra) and informed the party that Creed had been captured and had been escorted to the Baron’s manor.

The (now fragmented) Feldspar’s Fables along with Ismark and Ireena, who had improved somewhat after getting a little rest, decided that they could delay the meeting with Baron Vallakovich no longer, and so made their way to confront him and rescue Creed….


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