Carnival of the Apocalypse - Mists of Ravenloft

1/21/17 Session Recap - Part 4

A meeting with the Baron

The chained man in the makeshift cell next to Creed turned out to be a villager who had dared to speak out against the Baron’s endless “festivals.” As a repeat offender, he had been dragged into the cell and starved rather than endure the usual punishment of being locked in the stocks on the village square. The party got the feeling that they had probably saved the man’s life.

Unfortunately all of the commotion soon drew the footsteps of the absent guard. The party elected to hide in the cell, waiting in ambush for the guard to arrive. Upon angrily opening the door, the man did not even have a chance to cry out before Onika clubbed him into an unconscious heap.

This additional noise proved to be too much for the Baron’s dogs, who broke into a cacophony of deep throated barks and howls. The party then stepped out into the hall to confront the baron as he and his dogs burst from the room nearby. Acting swiftly, Francisco was able to utilize another sleep spell which rendered the two mastiffs incapacitated before they had covered five paces. The Baron himself advanced uneasily with his rapier drawn, but upon seeing Onika and her massive great axe, he quickly lost his will to fight and surrendered to the mercy of the party, seeing just how outmatched he was… To be concluded!


TrollishMcTroll TrollishMcTroll

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