Carnival of the Apocalypse - Mists of Ravenloft

March 2016 through September 2016 Recap Part 3

Death House - Part 3


As the party ascended to the upper levels of the house, the atmosphere took a turn for the worse. Now the manse showed signs of neglect; Dust and cobwebs covered the floor and walls and the rooms and hallways were unlit.

Without warning, a decorative suit of armor animated and attacked the party… a taste of things to come. Reaching the top floor, the group discovered the boarded up bedroom of the children, and once again encountered their apparitions.

At the direction of the spirits, the party discovered a secret door leading to a spiral staircase which descended into the basement and dungeon level that lay below the house. Here the party found themselves in ancient catacombs which stretched out seemingly in no discernible pattern in all directions.

To add to the growing sense of dread, a mysterious, eerie chanting filled the dungeon corridors. The undead occupants of the house began to attack the party in earnest as they made their way through the haunted hallways, eventually discovering a partially submerged chamber and the source of the chanting….


TrollishMcTroll TrollishMcTroll

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