Carnival of the Apocalypse - Mists of Ravenloft

Feldspar's Fables

The carnival has been dubbed Feldspar’s Fables! More to come…

Feldspar's Carnival of Curiosities

Feldspar’s Carnival consists of a motley collection of 8 wagons or “caravans”, brightly painted but showing their age. The carnival has fallen on hard times, drawing smaller and smaller crowds.

Once boasting some 20 hands and entertainers, the carnies have dwindled down to the following members (aside from the PCs):

Rath Feldspar – Proprietor/Owner
Bertram Sands – Groom/Roustabout
Natasha Thule – Fortune Teller/Witch
Jinx – Jester/Juggler/Clown
Milton Smalls – Cook/Clown
Tripp Smithy & Colten Bing – Wagon Drivers/Roustabouts

The wagons are occupied as follows:

  • Rath has his own wagon which doubles as his quarters, generally the lead wagon. It is pulled by a pair of mules.
  • The second wagon belongs to Secomber, and is drawn by the zebras. Shorty is generally tied by a lead rope to the rear of the wagon or ridden by the halfling.
  • Natasha Thule occupies the third wagon, and keeps it locked and closed at all times if she is not within. It is pulled by a single large draft horse, advanced in age.
  • Milton’s wagon is a full blown chuckwagon, where all of the cooking supplies and portable stove is kept. Drawn by a pair of mules.
  • The 5th wagon is a wheeled cage, home to Stripes the tiger and pulled by a pair of mules.
  • The sixth wagon is divided into 2 cages, one currently occupied by the dire wolf, the 2nd remains empty. A single mule pulls this wagon.
  • The seventh wagon contains supplies and a the “bigtop” (a grandiose name) tent which is only used during inclement weather. It is drawn by a pair of mules.
  • The final wagon also carries supplies and fodder for the animals, and doubles as sleeping quarters for Bertram and Jinx, who seem to prefer each others company. A matched pair of draft horses pull this wagon.

The remaining workers prefer to sleep in tents or in local rooming houses when they can afford it.

Red Larch, Dessarin Valley, and Vicinity

Welcome to Red LarchWarning Pamphlet may be out of date!

Red Larch Chamber of Commerce Welcomes You!

Red Larch town center with the Sumber Hills visible beyond

The Dessarin Valley and Environs


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