Carnival of the Apocalypse - Mists of Ravenloft

Bird Thoughts

Breeze journal entry

I awoke this morning craving a flight. My knees and shoulders have been sore every morning since that damnable haunted house, and I can’t seem to stretch them out. This land has restricted my flight freedom for a time, and I find that has entered my dreams as thoughts of home and mountain flights.

My adventures have been exciting – but I fear I am failing my people. I have not met the kings of this world, nor the influencers of the future. Am I actually failing, or are these adventures the stepping stones to leadership attention? Is all of this a reflection of this land and the incessant mist and attitudes of its inhabitants? And dammit, why are my knees creaking?


Thanks Chris! This is awesome… and have no fear, Breeze WILL meet the ruler of this land (ok, have maybe a little fear).

Bird Thoughts
TrollishMcTroll cadiletta

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