A'Nance A. Ke-yote

Human Cleric


Trickery Domain
Cleric to Leira: Goddess of Illusion
“Illusions, Michael. Tricks are something whores do for money. Or candy.”


Is heavily invested in illusions and trickery.
Bit of a complication tho. When he started out, he was not very good at it and pissed off the wrong Cleric of Knowledge.
She was not happy about being tricked, and cursed A’Nance to Always Tell The Truth.
No – it didn’t make him some sort of seer. He tried.
So A’Nance has the “fun challenge” of being a cleric of trickery while having to speak the truth.
He seems to get by.

Oh. And he is terrified of ducks. Anatidaephobia.
An unfortunate mass nibbling incident as a toddler.
Ducks are territorial, man.
Especially when you have bread.

A'Nance A. Ke-yote

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