Aarakocra Ranger


Breeze is a flamboyant Aarakocra. He joined the carnival a few months ago offering to fly banners and do aerial stunts to attract patrons in new locations. He loves his flying and is quick to show off impressive stunts and fly dangerous routes in the name of showmanship.

However he’s also an attentive listener and will fire off questions to keep conversations going, especially if someone starts talking politics. He’s fascinated and his polite mannerisms can really get someone going on and on perhaps further then they should.


Breeze’s real name isn’t easy for the standard tongue, and no one bothers with his last name, too complex. He responds well enough to Breeze though. He’s not a handsome bird per se, interesting maybe, but his curiosity is powerful. He sleeps outdoors, often perching somewhere strange, and hesitates to be indoors for long. He wears the barest of padded coverings for armor, but is so light on his feet and wings that to catch him would be a challenge for even an elf.

Breeze is certainly an interesting character among the band of Carnival weirdos. He’s young, shows off a lot, but his showmanship and curiosity make him an excellent asset. Doesn’t hurt that he can hunt down his own dinner whenever crowds are light.