Onika Zordal

Strong Woman


Onika is 7ft tall, pale skinned (slightly green hint) with red hair and green eyes. She appears human, but gets her height and accelerated mature from her orc half. She is very sensitive to derogatory statements about orcs.


The winters were getting harsher and prey hard to find. The hunting parties were traveling further and further to find food for the clan. During Ardel Zordal’s first hunting trip, the party was attacked by dire wolves and all would have been lost if not for Mosha. Mosha charged into battle and help save most of the hunting party. The party was grateful, but weary of Mosha being that she was an Orc. Ardel was charged with keeping an eye on Mosha. Mosha was not like any Orc he had ever seen. She was kind and smart and for those reasons she was outcasted. They started meeting in the forest and eventually fell in love. When Ardel told the clan of his intentions to marry Mosha, the clan shunned them.

Ardel and Mosha traveled north and settled into a modest cabin along a creek with land to farm and game to hunt. Onika grew up with loving parents and a quiet life. Ardel would trade with a local settlement and sometimes would take Onika with him. Onika took after her father in appearance, but people started to notice that Onika grew faster the normal kids. A curious settler followed them home one day and discovered Mosha. The settlement refused to trade with Ardel any longer. Ardel and Mosha could live mostly on what the hunted and farmed, but not during the long winters.

At fourteen, Onika set out to find a way to help her parents. She came across a traveling carnival and was quickly hired as their strong woman and to help with the animals. Onika misses her parents deeply and hopes that one day she will make enough money to go home.

Onika Zordal

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