Carnival of the Apocalypse - Mists of Ravenloft

Fireside Chat

For the first time in days, the party was treated to a truly restful evening. In a sitting room that had been only moderately damaged when the Wizard of Wines was occupied by the druids and their enslaved blights, Davian Martikov entertained the group with gifts of the finest wines he could salvage from the newly liberated cellars.

As the rich Barovian vintage warmed their bones and spirits, the Martikov patriarch told the party that his family, in raven guise, had been watching them ever since they had entered Barovia. He listened intently as the group recounted their meeting with the Vistana seer, Madam Eva.

Unfortunately, much of the tarokka reading had elicited no reaction from Davian. However, the wereraven was able to provide the following clues: The “den of wolves” mentioned upon revealing the Myrmidon card was doubtless a system of caves located in the foothills of Mount Baratok. Davian further informed the group that one of his ravens monitors the movements of the pack regularly.

Davian also seemed quite sure that the tower associated with the Wizard card could be found on the shores of Lake Baratok. Davian pointed out that the tower had been abandoned for decades, possibly centuries, but had recently (within the past few months) shown signs of habitation.

With this information in mind, the party contemplated their next move as Davian’s warning that wandering without purpose in Barovia would only send them to their graves all the more quickly.

Feldspar’s Fables had gained valuable allies in the wereraven flock, and if Davian was to be believed, actually stood a chance of confronting Barovia’s dark lord.



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