Carnival of the Apocalypse - Mists of Ravenloft

Wizard of Wines


All roads had seemingly lead the party to the Wizard of Wines winery for some time now, and so they set out to investigate the missing wine shipments which threatened to put an end to one of the few remaining pleasures left to the Barovian people.

As with the Blue Water Inn at Vallaki, the winery was owned by the Martikov family, but even their lycanthropic powers had proven no match for the barbaric druidic cultists and the swarms of blights which had overrun the manor and winery.

The party arrived at the winery to find the Martikov patriarch, Davian, and some of his family hiding out in the woods. The old man told of a swift and unexpected attack by the druids and the blights which served them. The party set out to retake the winery and a series of pitched battles ensued, with the party eventually emerging victorious. It had proven a profitable encounter, and the Fables had obtained a pair of magical weapons to add to their arsenal: The cursed Gulthias Staff was claimed by A’Nonce, while Jon was now the proud wielder of the enchanted Whip of Entangling.


Coming soon… just as soon as I can find that damned corkscrew. No… um… where?… Damnit I always loose that thing! <summons> Mr Wiggles, find my corkscrew!

Wizard of Wines

You have no idea how apt that comment is. That is the story of our weekend camping trip. Bottle of wine. No corkscrew. We prevailed in the end however!

Wizard of Wines
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